Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here are the babies... Can you guess who is who?

Billy, Harriet and Simba

I love observing my cats. I have a boy called Billy (aged 7) and two girls, Harriet (5) and Simba (9, pictured left.) How they react in certain situations can be seem as similar to human gender variancies - toms are from Mars, definitely!

My boy, Billy, will punch me to say,
" I'm here! Feed me now!" - the claws come out and he makes his presence felt, though not too roughly.
The girlies sit and stir, their eyes pleading,"Feed us too!"
More boy/girl comparisons as a I catalogue what my babies do!

Bill, Harry and Sim share their domain with Barnie (aka bubba, 5), Tim tortoise (45+) and Mr Shelley lobster - a blue crayfish masquerading as something much larger!

They also have to defend their territory against 7 cats next door!
Dexter, Jet, Purdey, Millie, Digby, Pebbles and Ruby are three names and they live with 2 lakeland terriers - Molly and Maddie - Avonhead Close is a crowded street.

I will post photos of these babies, if anybody wants me to...