Monday, June 29, 2009

Well, I might have done it yesterday... but today I bottled out! Even got up an hour earlier to make time to cycle... but couldn't face it! I will do soon though! Think I probably was under the weather today! Too hot and bad tempered today!
Twas a funny old day... builders moved into junior playground and we went into staggered playtimes and lunchtimes. No major probs but still strange.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I've done it! Cycled to school and back from home. been wanting to do it for ages but thought it would be too much. It would take me about 50 minutes in morning and 30 to return. I'm thinking of leaving the car at home, especially as there will be not many parking spaces at school. Also I will save on petrol! I feel knackered now but in a normal day I would not be returning straight away soit would be easier. If Janet can do it, I'm sure I can!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well it happened! My beautiful little tortoise has reappeared - Satan's child did not have him! But... he was still capable of said crime so I will not apologise for my suspicions!
He was 3 doors down on the next estate, so somehow he managed to get through our fence. I've just scratched miself t' buggery cutting down a forsythia to get to the rogue fence panel but not convinced it's where he got out!
So Timmy is back - totally knacked and hungry but I must say how relieved I am. He is such a babe. I'm going to bring him into work soon - bring a tortoise to work week isn't it?
Anyway.............. bought him some strawberries for tea but he's still asleep.
Wish I was!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happenings between 3:45 and 5??? Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas did he not?
I know let's get rid of the shit not the enjoyment! What was all that about?
Is someone so thick to as agree because they are thick or what?
Pussies have only just twatted each other which must mean about 45 seconds facing up! Pretty good???
Forget rant... my pussies are fighting but I just got 4 numbers on lottery so... better than nothing I guess. My pussies are now staring at each other in a threatening way. They will twat each other soon! As sure as night follows day and vikki verki!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Paula's daily rant...

What can I rant about today? How about how awful red text blogs look??
Too much to do... would just like to get on with job i.e. teach and enjoy the summer term. Have some fun with children and incorporate some awe and wonder into their learning (and mine!) Instead it's over the top, madness and stress. Reports, observations, moderation, scrutiny there's just too much that does not impact on the children positively. Trouble is some people don't have the day to day stresses of teaching, marking, assessing, planning etc. Too much time to think of more initiatives.

I've just thought of something else... seven year old grandsons who insist on wearing too tight underpants... Can't really explain to him about how it might affect him late in life...

How about husbands who drink a bottle of wine BEFORE you even get home? Now that's really annoying. Come to think of it, the Bear in the Big Blue house (on telly now) is pretty annoying too.

Not too happy with report writing either. It seems pretty tame and empty. Not sure what parents will think about it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, what can my rant be tonight?? Nothing much has bothered me today... How about what is an argument and what is persuasion? (In the literacy sense?) Can anyone be arsed to think about this? Don't think I can... Night Night XXx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What can I rant about tonight? How about bloody British Gas? They're worth raising the blood pressure for aren't they?? let's see... what did they do to me?
I know... came out and inspected plumbing.. left hubby with an estimate for POWERFLUSHING??? £600 (Ha! Ha!) Only thing is they no longer cover the central heating parts that touch water if you don't do it! Who was it said these guys are on commission?
They can't lose! I will just have to cancel my insurance and bugger them, (or myself if I can get round to it) Which leads me to my next topic... Was it Dali? Portrait of a virgin auto sodomising herself? I'll find the link to painting...

Disgusting... what a sewer brain that Dali chap... not a bit like me! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camping at Great Langdale
We had a long weekend at Baysbrown Farm Campsite, Great Langdale. Chris really had a whale of a time standing in the freezing cold, icy stream attacking others with his sword (fishing net). Barney the dog was particularly well behaved! Too much sun on Saturday though...
On Friday we only managed to walk to Wainwrights pub (Chapel Stile) and the co-op... On Saturday we walked from Chapel Stile to Elterwater and then on along the road to Little Langdale, our goal being to find the pub there, The Three Shires Inn.
We arrived 10 minutes late for the food... (Why do they only serve till 2???) So we had to carry on (after a little liquid refreshment) to The Britannia at Elterwater where we had lovely butties!
I can't wait to go back there in August.

Pictures from legoland May 09

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back from Lake District

Just back from Great Langdale. What a fab time. the campsite was very busy and Chris made lots of friends. He spent his long weekend fishing in streams with his net and walking nearby hills.
The campsite was almost full on Saturday.