Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camping at Shell Island

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bear Lake in my garden

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Camping in Langdale

I managed a week at Baysbrown Farm, Great Langdale from Easter Monday until the May day holiday. The site was empty to begin with and then very busy. My daughter and her family arrived on Wednesday to liven things up a little. Didn't get to climb any hills but manged a walk in Mickleden with Barney the sheep dog, The Times and a bottle of wine on the Saturday!
I went to Glenridding on Friday to suss out a camp site there - Gillside. It looked too sloping to me but did have a good pub very close by so still on my list of possible places to visit.
We ate at Wainwrights, Chapel Stile, three times and it is still the same; nothing special except the price! Although we did have a good light snack there on the Wednesday - goat's chesse, cranberries and garlic bread.
The cheese burger at The Britannia was also nothing to write home about.
The highlight of the trip was possible my ears popping as I drove over Kirkstone pass to Ullswater... oh and breaking another pole on the Bear Lake tent as I put it down!
I tried out my new awning - Montana 6 front awning - on my Bear Lake tent. It was amazing but... the whole setup takes too long now... Think I'll start backpacking!
My main mistake was driving off on Wednesday and leaving the space next to my tent vacant. I arrived back to find novice campers (middle class gits) camped next to me - brand new BMW 4 wheel drive, two obnoxious kids, parents with heads up their arseholes - Mother, "Jake and Charlie, Stop that!" "Jake and Charlie..."
Will post pics soon...