Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camping at St Michael's on Wyre

Chris enjoys the moon chair and my iPad...

The extension at night, lit by the Northstar Lantern.

Barney waiting for his walk...

Chris loves that moon chair...

Trout Lake bedroom - very cosy... (even with toilet very close!)

This is a better view... without the toilet...

Visiting friend at Wyre Farm Park...

Looking at the Trout Lake front from the extension

Plenty of room in the extension

First time I've used the extension and I was very pleased with it!

Hen visitor again...

What a lovely tent...

Gelert kitchen fitted really well into Trout Lake extension...

Just the place for a relaxing cuppa...

Side view of the extension...

Side door

Another side view

Welcome to my Moon Chair...

View from front window of Trout

Extension from front door...

And again...

Chris making his Airfix model in the front extension...

I love my Tesco chairs... they are on offer at the moment...

Monday, April 16, 2012

We've been to New York... with our Grandson...

Times Square

Graham and David in Times Square

More Times Square

Chris in Central park

Central Park

Toys R Us

Empire State

Lots of Lego at Club Quarters

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

New Tower at Ground Zero - 100 floors, soon to become 104 and the tallest building again!

Trump Tower Fifth Avenue

Central Park

Friday, March 30, 2012

Camping at Baysbrown farm in my new Outwell Norfolk Lake was astonishing!
What a fabulous tent... It is like a Bear Lake with a Trout Lake stuck on the front! We loved it.
The weather at Baysbrown was excellent - very hot during the day but the first two nights were very cold, so two extremes. The final night was warm so we slept better. The earlier nights were very clear , so a fair bit of star gazing happened!

The Norfy in all her glory...

And again... such a wonderful tent!

The campsite from the fell above (Lingmell?). The Norfolk is visible from the fell... and from space also possibly!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Barney the Dog appreciated the halogen heater!

The weather was spectacular...

Using the EHU ... luxury - toaster, kettle, heater. two outwell lights..

Great Gable and Kirkfell from the pack horse bridge behind the Wasdale Head Inn

Camping at Wasdale Head More pics

Our Tent pitch had a fantastic view of the Scafell Massif! Also Great Gable, Kirkfell and Lingmell. Yewbarrow was on the other side! (As of course it always is!)

Very impressed with the quality of this tent - the fabric is so beautiful I just wanted to stroke it!

Vango should have called it The Tardis - very spacious indeed! My husband didn't like it because he couldn't stand up in it but it didn't bother me! I always use the dog shelf anyway! Even at home...
Side view showing Adventure tarp.
I think I would use the tarp free standing with an extra pole next time as it effected the stability of the Airbeam - sometimes pushing down on the beams when we had a gust of wind.

Barney the dog loved the halogen heater! He frequently had his nose stuck to it at night!

View of the pub from the road
The Wasedale Head Inn - very impressed with this place. They made such a big fuss of our dog! the bar staff took it in turns to present him with a dog biscuit. The Cock-a-hoop ale is worth writing home about and the food delicious. We could not fault any of the meals there (We went everyday!!)

It is about a 15 minute walk from the campsite, even quicker if you use the shortcut across the stepping stones.

Camping in Wasdale 2012

Vango Airbeam Velocity 400 at Wasdale Head NT site this week.

I put a Vango adventure tarp on the front as a cover for my cadac.

It was super weather - dry, sunny intervals - really pleasant walking weather