Saturday, January 12, 2013

October Camping

    Developed the itchiest toes in the history of itchy toes in the month of October and headed off to my favourite place that isn't Bolton. Whitby! To be honest, camped outside Whitby at Hawsker. York House Caravan Park at Hawsker is a superb jewel in the heaven that is camping! 
    Situated in between Robin Hood's Bay and Whitby it offers up the best of many worlds on a host of levels. 
    The Cinder Track... this is the trackbed of the dismantled Whitby to Scarborough Railway. It is possible to walk along the track in safety (let the dog off the lead, take y' bra off... did I just say that?) 
    Walk along the track towards Robin Hood's bay and you will be rewarded by magnificent views of the North Sea, fishing vessels and then 'THE BAY' itself - spectacular! But, possibly more important, certainly for me, is the complete peace and time to feel lost in this tranquil and simple landscape. I love thinking time. You get it here. 
    When you reach the bay; great pubs selling food, interesting and quirky shopping, a beach marked with the scars, views that defy any description and more walking along the cliff tops if you want it. 
    The track continues to Scarborough, and , on the way, passes through Ravenscar, well worth a visit when the cafe is open. Discover it's amazing history. What might have been if this place had become popular?
    In September 2011 we stayed in RHB ('The Bay' as they like to be called, no one quite knows where the Robin Hood bit comes in!) at Hooks House Farm campsite on the hill above the town. Fantastic views and a very welcoming site, close also to The Fylingdales Inn (great nosh!).

    A walk the other way from Hawsker takes you to the superb seaside town that is Whitby. I love the walk there along the road from Hawsker that ends next to the Abbey car park. You can see the ruined abbey all the way. I don't really like walking along the track into Whitby because it is boring. You end up in a cutting and can't see anything. It also emerges at an uninteresting part of the town. The only saving grace from walking along the track is that you can approach Whitby this way over the train viaduct and that is quite impressive!
Approaching Whitby.
    If you like Tapas, you will love The Black Horse Inn on Church Street. Dog friendly, they serve tapenade and cheese to rival anything that the best can offer. Real ales too! 
    Maybe the best bit of Whitby is the harbour, the two piers, one now cut off from the pathway and the beach that sees seals and tourists galore. 
    At the time of writing they have just witnessed a land slide on the east side of the harbour. I hope it is soon sorted out for the residents to enjoy this eclectic town. Mint.

The ruined abbey

View from The Cinder Track

View from the terrace of The Bay Hotel (good grub)

Walking towards Whitby from Hawsker

View from the beach - East and West piers

On the East Pier at Whitby

The Abbey from the car park path

Camping in the garden in the Trout Lake when I got home

The view from the top of Rivington Pike

View from Rivington Pike -  you can see Home Farm camping and caravanning site on the other side of the reservoir

 Robin Hood's Bay

The two piers

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