Saturday, January 12, 2013

October Glamping

    Another trip to take our grandson near Gatwick... This time we visited Stratford Upon Avon; to take Chris to Rugby. We didn't take a tent but stayed in a 'snug.' This was a kind of posh pod. It had a bed settee, fridge, heater, lights... Not really impressed! It was too hot and , of course, we are used to nice big tents with several rooms... the dog had to sleep in the car. When he stretched out to go to sleep there was no room for anyone else in the snug. 
   It was so hot in the night that the dog sounded like the Welsh Highland Railway steam engine coming into the station! Huff puff huff puff... poor Barney.

    We had to sleep with the window open. Still, I'm sure that the snugs are great in the summer with their deckings and the site's taxi boats into Stratford - it's a lovely neck of the woods. The site was Riverside Caravan Park, Tiddington Road. [Good pub in Tiddington] The site had a good cafe but seemed to have a lot of rules. We went for their excellent breakfast one morning to be told that our grandson should not be on the iPad as laptops were forbidden in the cafe. I pointed out that it wasn't a laptop, he wasn't on the internet and we had just ordered three full breakfasts with extras. Too many rules.

Shakespeares house, Stratford

Warwick Castle

My gorgeous Grandson, Chris at Warwick Castle

Archery Display

View from top of castle

View into Warwick

Became quite dizzy...

Warwick warrior...

Kenilworth Castle

Chris with his Grandad Cliff at Warwick castle (well nearly as many wives!)

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